PermaLock™ is Rigid, Reliable, Patented

Homeowners can have peace of mind and be confident that the most sophisticated technology has been deployed to ensure a foundational integrity that will support the structure of the home throughout time.

Asking for the patented ingenuity and experience assure all that can be done has been done. Since 1993, we’ve been taking care of your New Orleans homes.

About PermaLock™

  • Permalock blocks are engineered to lock together. This ensures every block is secure and becomes one solid rigid concrete piling.
  • Threading and locking of each PermaLock block means no lateral movement, during or after installation regardless of our New Orleans wet soils, sloping sites, tree roots or ground pressure.
  • Our PermaLock system resists buckling of supporting piles, a failure that can result by using other systems. Permalock offers straightness, true vertical alignment and centered loading.
  • PermaLock meets required depths for our peculiar soil conditions in South Louisiana.